Making History: InnovativeNL Engineering and Project Management to complete the Trail of the Caribou.

Making History: InnovativeNL Engineering and Project Management to complete the Trail of the Caribou.

At InnovativeNL Engineering and Project Management (IEPM) we are proud to be a part of the team to complete the Trail of the Caribou.  The Trail, started more than one hundred years ago, will be completed by 2021.  Along with the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, The Royal Newfoundland Regiment Advisory Council and the College of the North Atlantic, we are excited to be making history, literally!

Sculptor Basil Gotto with the original clay sculpture

InnovativeNL Engineering and partners are embarking on this historic endeavour in a truly multinational effort to commemorate those who served and died from Newfoundland and Labrador on the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey during the First World War.  The project will pull in elements from Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada and Turkey.

After the First World War, the Government of Newfoundland, led by Prime Minister Sir Richard Squires and   assigned to Lt. Col. (Rev) Thomas Nangle, set about building several national memorials to commemorate the actions of the Newfoundland Contingent on or near battlefields in which the Royal Newfoundland Regiment fought. Initially, it was their intention to erect a monument in Gallipoli that would be the same as the others in Beaumont-Hamel, Gueudecourt, Monchy-le -Preux and Masnières in France and another in Courtrai (Kortrijk), Belgium. The design proposed was of a magnificent Caribou perched on a rocky outcrop reminiscent of a famous photo taken by S. H. Parsons titled the Monarch of the Topsails.  At the time of the erection of the monuments, the one for Gallipoli was shelved due to uncertainty in relations between Britain, France and the Turkish people.

Inspiration for the Trail of the Caribou

In the spirit of cooperation between the people of Newfoundland and Labrador and Turkey, whose common bonds of sacrifice in Gallipoli have intrinsically woven two former foes in peace, remembrance and comradeship, the Trail of the Caribou will be completed.

For further information  contact:

Frank Gogos

Project Coordinator

C: 709-685-2045 | F: 709-745-4676

First Floor | 5 Job Street | St. John’s, NL | A1E 1H1

PO Box 787 | 170 McGettigan Blvd | Marystown, NL | A0E 2M0

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